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Bike Overnights for an Inexpensive Getaway

June 22, 2014 - Comment

Bike Overnights are short cycling tours where you ride one day, stop and overnight somewhere and ride back the following day.

Bike Overnights are short cycling tours where you ride one day, stop and overnight somewhere and ride back the following day. Bike overnights are great when you want to tour but lack the money or time for a longer journey. Yet you still feel like you have been on a vacation as short as it is as you are getting away from your normal routine.

Accommodation can be in a campground, at a Bed and Breakfast or staying in a hotel. Our local bike club did one trip recently where we rode from just north of Toronto to the lakeside city of Barrie, a distance just short of 100 km, staying in the local college, a very economical option. As it was a holiday long weekend they stayed two nights and did one local ride before returning to the city.

This type of cycling experience is particularly popular in European countries like Germany and Austria. Train fares are reduced on weekends making it economical and easy for cyclists go to nearby towns for a few days of riding on the numerous signed bike routes which cross both countries.

I discovered this on several trips to Germany when I had not reserved accommodation and had difficulty finding room at any inn on Friday night. Our small group of four cyclists had to spend 2 hours finding rooms and then it ended up costing more than we had budgeted. In Austria I had reserved a hotel in Passau for my journey along the Danube Bike Route only to find all the trains from Vienna already crowded with other cyclists. We got there okay but had to make two connections instead of the direct train.

One advantage with bike overnights is that you can travel lightweight with just the cycling clothing you are wearing (maybe a second set of socks and jersey), a jacket, some toiletries, bike tools, snacks in your panniers and not much more unless you choose the camping option.

Planning is also can be quick and easy as you just need to pick a route to the destination and back plus reserve your accommodation. For dinner you can just head to a local restaurant.

You can decide to go next weekends unlike a major bicycle touring journey which can take weeks of planning. While bike overnights are simple trips other cyclists and non-cycling friends think we are so adventurous to do these sort of rides.

Like any cycling ride for you comfort it is essential you wear proper cycling clothing. Want to go on a cycling vacation soon, why not try bike overnights next time.



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