Mountain Bike Shorts

Choosing mountain bike shorts has a few differences from shorts for road cyclists.

Styles – most mountain bike shorts are the baggy style which means they are loose, with pockets, that offer the flexibility needed for this sport.

These cycling shorts are constructed of fabrics with panels which are sewn together. The shorts with the most panels will normally fit the contours of your body better and can therefore be provide more comfort.

Front vents and adjustable waist – common on mountain biking shorts

Quality chamois – mountain bike shorts will usually consist of a gel or chamois liner. This padding will help absorb the shock as you roam over the hills and forest trails. It may also help prevent the rashes and chafing by reducing friction that can occur. You will also require a vented mesh liner.

Stitching – clearly your mountain bike shorts will be put to the test with this rugged activity so strong stitching of the garment is essential.

Fabrics – cycling shorts are normally made from lycra or wool. Whichever you choose the fabric must be breathable, wick off moisture, stretch easily and be lightweight as you built up a sweat on the trails.

Many mountain bikers prefer compression shorts which reduce muscle fatigue by keeping your muscles compressed. Other prefer wool baggy cycling shorts as there is no odor.

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How to buy mountain bike shorts in this video. The video highlights what to look for when making a purchase including information on the padding, pockets and vents.

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Have a great ride on the trails but do take the time to choose the right mountain bike shorts.

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