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The Weatherman Lied, Again

August 12, 2014 - Comment

If you have ever stopped going cycling due to a weather report, think again and read this article. What the weatherman says may not happen.

The weather report was 90% chance of rain for Montreal. The Weather Channel was predicting thundershowers. So what is a bicycle touring group of 15 cyclists visiting from Toronto to do anyway?

Well, we set out for the 30 minute drive to our bicycle touring start location anyway. I thought I had given everyone a great route map but 13 people headed ouest (west) correctly and two headed est (east) and wouldn’t join us for hours. Lesson is that it is always a good idea to learn a few words of the local language.

Today, on Day 1 of three days of cycling we are going to take a 67 km bicycle tour of Lac des Deux Montagnes. The route along the water, through elegant residence area’s, a park and two ferry crossing. It is still not raining yet at the start.

Starting on Ile Bizard Island, an island of parks and elegant homes stuck in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, we soon reach the first ferry crossing. Things began to happen with one cyclist falling onto the road, fortunately no injury and no first aid kit required. We cycled on only to discover another cyclist had a flat tire back at the ferry crossing. In future we will note the cell phone numbers of group members so we don’t need to send something back to see what is happening.

Our group continues along a wonderful bicycle paved path through residential area’s and Oka park for about 20 km on a very scenic route. The route is signed as Route Verte 1, part of Quebec’s Green Route system of over 4,500 km of signed bicycle paths in the province. Arriving in the town of Oka we enjoy our lunches while waiting for the 3 fast cyclists helping the person with the flat tire to arrive. I understand the cyclists in the Tour de France sometimes drink Coke to boost their energy so I try it out too. Still, no rain yet.

We take the second ferry crossing from Oka to Como across a very wide Ottawa River, a velo (bike) crossing $2.00. The cycling along the west side of the Ottawa River is along a quiet road with great views of the river and elegant homes. We only go a short distance before reaching a brand new bicycle path into the town of Dorion. Still no rain.

Along the multi-lane Highway 20 there are two bridges crossing the Ottawa River, both with bicycle lanes, I’m liking cycling in the Montreal area and so is the group. We finish our 67 km bicycle tour after continuing on the north shore of the island of Montreal.

Of course when the weather report calls for rain you still need to be prepared with the right cycling clothing.

And yes, it did rain but only after we were safety back in our cars headed to our hotels, the weatherman lied. I find that back in Toronto many cyclists do not even sign up for cycling trips based on the weather reports, a mistake as many of our best rides have occurred under threat of storms that never happened.


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