Mens Coolflo 8 Panel Cycling Shorts Review

The very affordable Tenn Mens 8 Panel Cycling Shorts are high performance breathable shorts  technically designed for serious cyclists. These great value shorts are anatomically designed and shaped, are made from a high performance fabric and incorporate their single layer professional moulded pad.  All of which means the cyclist is ready for a hard and enjoyable work out.

Tenn Mens 8 Panel Cycling Shorts

What is good about these bike shorts

8 panels – feature an 8 panel professional construction with flat stitched seams, these permit the shorts more curvature and at the same time minimize chafing. This will provide you with more comfort and better performance while riding.

Pro molded chamois – anatomically designed and shaped with a single layer professional molded anti-bacterial chamois, giving you greater comfort while cycling.

Leg grippers – don’t you just hate it when your shorts ride up while you are cycling. While these Tenn shorts feature superior leg grippers which prevent the garment from riding-up.

Quality fabric – the high performance fabric is a perfect blend of high density nylon and spandex fibers, ensure that your muscles are kept insulated, supported and ready for action.  

Tenn Mens 8 Panel Cycling Shorts Features

  • Tenn Mens 8 Panel Cycling ShortMade of 80% nylon, 20% spandex
  • 8 panel professional construction with flat stitched seams to avoid chafing
  • High performance, high density breathable fabric
  • Superior leg grippers, prevent the garment riding-up
  • Anatomically shaped for body-hugging comfort
  • Synthetic anti-bacterial padded single layer chamois
  • Cool wash and drip dry
  • Available in various waist sizes and 5 colors

What users say about the Tenn Mens Bicycle Shorts

There were a lot of positive reviews for these bike shorts, with many cyclists saying they would buy a second or third pair and many did. Many reviewers commented how well priced these shorts are, much better than some of the other brands costing much more.

Also numerous reviewers remarked that they found them to be very comfortable while riding. One reviewer said, “I’ve worn them for a few hundred miles and they are comfortable and move with me very well.”

Reviewers found these shorts to be of a good quality, standing up to the wear and tear of riding and frequent washes.  The chamois is good providing plenty of breathability so you do not get too sweaty.

They also stated that the leg elastic keeps them where you want on your legs and that as advertised they do not ride up.

There were mixed reviews regarding the fit with most stating it was a good fit. Some others thought they were either too big or small.

Click here to check out our other bike shorts. The comfortable Tenn Mens 8 Panel cycling shorts feature quality construction and decent padding and provide great value for the price.

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3 comments for “Mens Coolflo 8 Panel Cycling Shorts Review

  1. Dr. William J. Casper
    June 22, 2018 at 11:21 am

    Don’t buy these shorts if you intend to put your butt on a bike saddle… This product looks great, but it fails in the most basic component. The padding is so small that it doesn’t cover one’s ischial tuberosities, your butt bones/the part that needs padding when riding a bike, when you’re sitting on the bike. I guess they would work if you spend all of your time out of the saddle. It’s not a matter of my ordering the wrong size, or having abnormally placed or sized tuberosities, since the rest of the shorts fit perfectly. Perhaps they should be marketed as stretch pants with a cod piece and padding for your perineum. I decided against including a photo of the padding against my naked butt.

  2. amateur biker
    June 22, 2018 at 11:32 am

    Great price for a set of beginner shorts I bought a size large after reading the reviews. For me they fit comfortably. Those who are looking for compression shorts may want to consider I wear a 35 waist and these were easy to put on and stayed up but did NOT fit like a glove other than where the padding is through the crotch and on the buttocks. NOTE: I ran these through a cold was and normal dry before wearing them the first time.CON!!!!! there aren’t any pockets nor are there loops to attach keys and things. You’lll need to wear shorts/pants over these for pockets or a fanny pack.Pro!!!!! To put it delicately… these are snug enough to keep everything in place yet loose enough to free things up for a nature call without having to drop them around your knees.

  3. Abe
    June 22, 2018 at 11:50 am

    Good value for shorter rides, less than 30 miles These look nice and are a good value, but if you are a serious rider, these can be a little thin.I put these in my “short rides” or “spin class” pile. For longer rides (30+ miles) I have a pair of Pearl Izumi’s that I bought in-person at a cyclin shop, so i really could test the quality. For reference, I’ve ridden 70+ mile rides before in the Pearls.The shorts material is also on the thinner side, so be aware that it won’t keep you warm at all, but is probably nice for warmer rides.

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