Women’s Padded Classic Bike Shorts Review

The Women’s Padded Classic Bike Shorts from Aero Tech Designs is the ideal short for the cyclist who wants excellent comfort and performance during your ride, particularly for beginners who need a thick butt pad.

Women's Padded Classic Bike Shorts

What is good about these ATD Women’s Bike Shorts

Quality fabric – sewn from premium quality, four-way stretch 7 1/2 oz, nylon/lycra, tricot knit fabric, this cycling short moves fluidly with the your body while in the cycling motion.  

Two panel construction – has a smooth, two-panel construction and a seamless pad that reduces the opportunity for abrasion and saddle sores. For your comfort, these shorts do not have leg grippers but they will stay in place because they are made from the highest quality fabric.

Reduced vibration – the shorts hold your muscles in place to reduce vibration and movement adding comfort on longer rides and reward your hard work on the bike while the cross-grain cutting technique used to construct the shorts maximizes the stretch performance of spandex fabric.  

Great chamois – the crotch padding is multi-layered with padding in the places it is needed most and the pad is sewn right into the crotch. The pad’s surface is a smooth, microfiber that is laminated to foam and tricot. This shock absorbing cellular urethane is designed to absorb shock for the life of the short. It is also antibacterial and breathable letting water vapor and perspiration move away from your body so it stays dry longer to inhibit the growth of bacteria. This pad resists abrasion, is smooth and wrinkle free.


Women’s Padded Classic Bike Shorts Features

  • ATD Womens Classic Bike ShortsMade of 84% Nylon 16% Spandex
  • Premium fabric is soft 7.4 oz. 84% Nylon 16% Spandex tricot knit four-way stretch
  • Crotch is coolmax microfiber that is laminated to foam and tricot
  • Soft Coolmax microfiber pad in our bicycle shorts cushion your bike ride
  • Pad is sewn into crotch for bicycling comfort.
  • Superior fit and freedom of movement
  • Variety of regular and extra large sizes available
  • Leg is elastic free so no binding leg elastics here!
  • Bike short’s waist is a soft, 3/4 inch non-binding elastic
  • Waist and legs are cover stitched to be smooth, stretchy and comfy.
  • Machine washable
  • Colors available include black, navy, royal, purple
  • Made in USA


What users of have to say about the ATD Classic Bike Shorts

Women who have used these shorts provided plenty of positive reviews. Many were beginner cyclists or use them in spin classes.

Numerous reviewers remarked they could tell a huge difference when wearing these cycling shorts and that they found them very comfortable. They found that these shorts truly helped eliminate my muscle fatigue on longer rides as advertised.

Most reviewers found the padding to be substantial on these shorts and that they wick moisture away quickly and therefore dry really fast.

A deciding factor in purchasing them for many is that they are made in the USA and are available in several colors.

Click here to check out our other bike shorts. The Women’s Padded Classic Bike Shorts provide great comfort, have a fun style, and are available at an unbeatable price.


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3 comments for “Women’s Padded Classic Bike Shorts Review

  1. Bobbi
    June 22, 2018 at 11:27 am

    Exactly what I needed! I am female, middle-aged, and have just gotten back into biking after about 15 years sitting on my backside in a comfy chair in front of a computer. I could well remember the pain experienced even with a padded seat in my younger years so I bought myself a ladies 26″ comfort cruiser that advertised a deluxe “Schwinn wide, padded cruiser saddle”. Well, this stock seat is wider at 10″ than most stock seats, but it certainly did not prevent pain. I began looking here on Amazon for something to relieve my aching posterior region.I bought myself a new padded 10″ wide saddle and these shorts. The shorts arrived very quickly and about two weeks ahead of the new saddle for some reason but I was very glad that something arrived to help me as I just couldn’t face another day riding my bike as it was. The shorts did not disappoint me at all – they were exactly what I had hoped for and needed!I generally ride an average of about 5-6 miles and I could tell a huge difference for…

  2. Jami
    June 22, 2018 at 11:28 am

    work well, great price I started biking on weekends 4 months ago. I’m up to 30 mile rides per day and moved from a mountain bike to a road bike. I needed something to help pad my sensitive areas. These work great and are reasonably priced, too. I noticed a few other reviewers commenting on the quality of the sewing, but I’ve had no issue with these at all. I wash them on “hand wash” setting in cold water, with woolite in my washing machine. Then I hang them to dry and they are ready for me the next weekend. These classic shorts took about 3 rides before I felt they were “broken in” to my body, but maybe that was just me getting used to these since it’s my first time with them. I liked them that I ordered a second pair in the royal blue. But beware- if you sweat a lot the lighter colors dont really hide the sweat. So after wearing the royal blue for 30 mile ride it looks like I peed myself! hahaha.. not a big deal if you’re not planning on getting off the bike until you get back home or to your…

  3. Emily M.
    June 22, 2018 at 11:33 am

    Save your $5! At first, I was excited about ordering these padded shorts; they are made in the US. However, when the shorts arrived I tried them on (w/ underwear on) and was disappointed with this product. I feel as if they are inferior to other padded shorts that I bought. I did not like how the waistband went past my belly button, it kind of felt awkward. The legs felt fine but there are no grippers which could have the material ride up. Although, there could be a pro to that for some people. I know from experience that leg grippers leave marks and indents from long rides (+ 2 hours.) The part that I am most unsatisfied with is the chamois pad. You can see and feel the pad bunches up. When I was sitting on my bike I could feel the pad fold. The picture of the chamois looks nothing like the actual chamois which fooled me. I didn’t want to chance not being happy with these shorts so I returned it. Save your time and 5 dollars from returning this shorts and buy other shorts (I recommend Baleaf and…

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